Process and Standards for Accreditation and Certification

There are 29 Rigorous Set Standards for Accreditation and Certification, each vocational school, state approved school, community college, national and regionally accredited postsecondary institutions must successfully attain those 29 rigorous set standards in order to be certified. The rigorous accreditation and certification standards which are enforcement with higher education institutions providing educational services to members of the United States Armed Forces of America, to include guard, reservist, veterans, retirees and their families.

Covering 29 areas of institutional military & veteran supportive and administrative operations, the standards are largely qualitative, in keeping with their need to apply to all institutions with different missions.

The Standards are fully reviewed and revised annually, with the participation of member institutions, to reflect the Commission's heightened emphases and to anticipate future directions of the higher education serving the military and veteran communities. Annually they must undergo any revisions, with changes and clarifications based on the experience of institutions and the Commission in using the set standards.


Determination of Eligibility
To be eligible for consideration for accreditation and certification, a vocational school, college, university and institution and entity must satisfy the following minimum requirements.

Initial Application
ACMVET is committed to collaborating with the vocational school, college, university and institution in effecting a smooth and deliberate path toward meeting criteria and attaining an accreditation and certification status.

Initial  Accountability Report (AR)
As part of the complete application for an initial grant of accreditation and certification with ACMVET, an institution must complete an Accountability Report (AR).

The (AR) includes important data such as the overall enrollment at the institution, retention of students, and placement of completion and graduates.

Initial Resource Review
Following the acceptance of the initial application materials, an ACMVET staff member will conduct an Initial Resource Review.

Annual Site Visit
When an institution has submitted all satisfactory source required documentation, the office of the Chairman will appoint an individual or several team members to conduct a on site visit and evaluate the vocational school, college, university and institution. The vocational school, college, university and institution is notified of the composition of the visiting individual or team members and may request that individual or team members be replaced for cause.

Team Report and Response
The team prepares a written report that covers each area reviewed at the institution and includes other information pertinent to an accurate evaluation. The report subsequently is sent by the team to the Chairman of ACMVET or his designated appointee.

Intermediate Review Committee
All materials pertinent to an institution’s accreditation and certification are reviewed by experienced persons before being reviewed by the appropriate commission of ACMVET. This group will make a recommendation to ACMVET Committee if the evaluation file is complete. If the file is not complete, the reviewers will organize facts for ACMVET Committee but will not make a specific recommendation and advise the individual school.

Council Decision
Action by ACMVET Commissioners to grant initial accreditation, certification and/or renewal of accreditation and/or certification or not to do so, or to limit or otherwise provide to grant a conditional certification, is determined only following review of pertinent information and data on the school, college, university and institution .

Exception to Policy Requirements:
ACMVET Commission may modify any of the above accreditation and certification process requirements as needed.