Accreditation and Certification Overview

All accrediting and certifying organizations create and use specific standards both to assure that institutions and programs meet threshold expectations of quality and to assure that they improve over time. These standards address key areas such as faculty, student support services, finance and facilities, curricula and student learning outcomes.

All accrediting and certifying organizations use common practices, including a self-review by the institution or program against the standards, an on-site visit by an evaluation team of peer experts and a subsequent review and decision by the accrediting body about accredited status.

This review is repeated every three to ten years if the institution or program is to sustain its accreditation.

ACMVET is a certifying organization for "Military & Veteran Supportive Campus and/or Institutions".  ACMVET conduct annual review and onsite audits of programs, services and support to insure continued success.

This is a voluntary process for accreditation and certification is requested by the individual institution leadership (Vice President or President).