About Us

Accrediting Council for Military & Veterans Education and Training (ACMVET), Commission on Higher Education is a voluntary, non-governmental, membership organization that is dedicated to quality assurance, quality control and improvement through accreditation and certification via institution self-assessment and evaluation. ACMVET conducts onsite reviews of both resident and online campus operations.

The Accrediting Council for Military & Veterans Education and Training (ACMVET) is independent from any other accrediting organization. ACMVET has established an accreditation and certification process for higher education institutions.

The Accrediting Council for Military & Veterans Education and Training (ACMVET) instills public confidence in institutional mission, goals, performance, and resources through its rigorous accreditation and certification standards and their enforcement with higher education institutions providing educational services to members of the United States Armed Forces of America, to include guard, reservist, veterans, retirees and their families.

To receive accreditation and certification as a “Military & Veteran Supportive Campus,” educational institutions must undergo a voluntary vetting process while meeting a rigorous set of standards required by ACMVET. This includes certain annual training for staff and faculty, website tab with military and veterans information, compliant with the Department of Defense Voluntary Education Program requirements, implementation of additional resources to include veterans resource center or room at the local campus, a successful completion of a site review visit, as well as additional requirements prior to a school being considered and recommended for accreditation and certification by ACMVET.

Each school must meet and maintain the requirements set forth by the ACMVET accreditation and certification committee in order to maintain their annual certification.

The Commission consists of faculty and administrators from member institutions, to include military installations education offices as well as members of the general public.

For further consideration on this voluntary accreditation and certification process, institution’s Vice President or President please contact us at Certification@acmvet.org